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Ever find yourself in that predicament of wanting to go on holidays or travel to the far reaches of the world, the beaches or the wonderful cities that you have only seen on Instagram or on TV?

The constant thoughts of: 

"How can I afford this?"

"Where do I find good deals?"

"Where do I book hotels and flights?"

Well my friends, you aren't the only future explorers thinking this. I myself have had these thoughts, and have that same travelling urge. I've visited many places and will visit many more, doing this while not over stretching my budget, but not letting that hinder experiencing the location and cultures of the world.

I've had the urge to see the world for as long as I can remember. After finishing school at 18 with a place at university ready and waiting, I wasn't sure that was the route for me. I made the decision to turn a hobby into a job and I qualified as a ski instructor and completed two full seasons in resorts in Switzerland, Italy and Scotland. I had the time of my life but decided to come back to England and start a career, which has led to me working on the overhead lines for National grid to this very day.

Like most of you will find, working full time makes me appreciate those travels all the more! City Breaks, Beach destinations or searching for those million dollar views.

You don't need fancy cameras and expensive equipment to create the images from your travels, i simply use my smartphone, which happens to be a samsung galaxy s9, and i have recently started using a wide lense from Moment. 

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Come join me and read about my ongoing journeys! find out how I'm seeing the world while using little tricks to save money. And see how you can do this too!!





See the world