5 Frugal city breaks

Belgrade, Serbia

A wonderful city, that is a huge melting pot of different cultures hinting to a long and mix past, with hints of western, eastern Europe and with a touch of the middle east included. Serbia has very hot summers and very cold winters so make sure you dress for the occasion.

Like many cities, Belgrade has developed massively over the years! and in the old town you can see some of the earlier style buildings. The old town and newer Belgrade is divided by the famous Danube river. Cruises down the Danube are a must on your visit to Belgrade. On the cruise you will see castles and structures that show the true extent of how Serbia was once under the rule of the Ottoman empire and the austro-hungarian empire.

If you like bars and restaurants on the river, picturesque views while dinning, then Belgrade is for you!

Currency: Serbian Dinar

Accommodation: £40 per night

Cost of Beer: £1


Tallinn, Estonia

The beautiful, coastal city of Tallinn. The capital of Estonia is exploding with life and culture that has been growing since the end of the soviet union years. Fancy bars, cafes, and even sushi bars lace the streets of Tallinn. Tallinn also happens to be the place Skype was created.

The Toompea castle dominates the lansdscape, as it is built on a hill so has views of the whole of Tallinn and the coast line that surrounds it. A huge fortress that would have been intimidating to any new comers in the past. One for the photographers!

Kiek in de Kok is a big attraction. It is an old artillery defensive tower that was built in 1475, which you can walk around and imagine how impressive it would of been in the 15th century

Currency: Euro

Accommodation: £55 per night

Cost of Beer: £1.50


Krakow, Poland

Krakow, the formal capital, has in recent years been a destination for stag doos, but it really does have more to offer than a cheap drinking location. Although it is still good for that.

The Jewish quarter and the old medieval city square typifies the architecture in Krakow, the city is full of colourful, stunning buildings. There are plenty of restaurants and bars, suiting all budgets.

The must visit while in Krakow, is Auschwitz . It is only an hour away, and would ideally require a day to see it properly. 

Currency: Zloty

Accommodation: £45 per night

Cost of Beer: £1.50


Riga, Latvia

A city that has over 800 years of history, being under the control of Swedes, Russians and Germans in different periods. This can be seen in the architecture, the food, and the multi cultural vibe. Riga has some interesting buildings, bright colours and you'll notice a lot of wooden buildings which are works of art in themselves. 

Riga has a busy nightlife, and the centre of this is in Lieu square. Live square has an array of bars, clubs and restaurants for you to sample.

Riga is the cheapest city on this list, so an absolute no brainer for a quick break.

Currency: Euro

Accommodation: £25 per night

Cost of Beer: 90p


Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuania, is a country like many others in eastern Europe, in that it has a growing tourist appeal. Vilnius is the hotspot for that appeal. Vilnius has one of the the largest medieval old towns in Europe, this along with the picturesque winding streets certainly catch the eye. 

Along the river, is an area that is young and edgy, and the area is full of coffee shops, cafes, shops and trendy bars. Lots of pubs and bars that specialise in craft beer, so you go round the city tasting the beers like a year round beer festival. Just remember to have some of the hearty native food to soak up some of that beer.

Currency: Euro

Accommodation: £30 per night

Cost of Beer: £2