Winter walks with Paris

What better way to enjoy the english countryside, than to take my 3 year old german shepherd cross(Paris) on mini adventures. As the leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping, the walks with Paris become longer and the views just get more stunning.

British people often look at the rest of the world in jealousy, look at the sun, the mountains, the stunning views from around the world and take for granted what we have in our country. We have the mountains of the highlands in Scotland , peak district and the mountains around snowdonia. We have the beaches of south Wales, and the south cost of England. Thousands of country walks and country parks spread across the UK can be enjoyed all year round.

This past week we received some heavy snowfall. And when I say heavy, I mean heavy for England, so a few inches. Since I have had Paris, we have only had tiny sprinklings of snow. She has never had the chance to properly play in the snow. This all changes last sunday.

As the snow was falling on sunday, Myself and Paris went to Bestwood Park in Nottinghamshire . The park is spread over 650 acres, and has a varied landscape due to it being a reclaimed colliery. The park is free and the car park is open from 10am till 5pm.

the car park was fairly busy when we went so we decided to walk round to the back entrance and explore the quieter part of the park, and where the snow would be untouched. As it turns out Paris really is a winter dog, as soon as I let her off the leaf she was sprinting about in the snow, jumping up trying to catch the snow as it fell, and when she got some of the energy out her system I managed to take some pictures of her in the snow. 

Due to the snow covering everything, the walk tracks were not always visible, this made it more fun, just exploring, through the tress, climbing past rocks, I'm not sure who was enjoying it more, me or the dog. 


Just a few days after this snow fall and it had all gone, and was looking and feeling more like autumn, typical inconsistent British weather. Still pretty but in a different way, now there is all the colours of the leaves and grass and blue sky. I took Paris to my local park, Woodthorpe park. This is a hotspot for dogs, the perfect place to see dogs running about and playing and are there to have fun. The park has a pitch and putt course which is often used in the summer, a small forest area and large open spaces dotted with big trees. Paris often like to pick up big logs and run about until she finds something more exciting.


Dog walking is the best excuse to see the countryside, if you don't have a dog you can ask a family member to borrow one or have a walk where loads of dogs play, but there is nothing quite like exploring with a dog. A chance to explore and let your inner side out and if anyone asks just blame the dog. This coming year i am going to take Paris on as many adventure to make up for the time she doesn't get to come with me on my frugal travels