10 Xmas Gifts for a frugal traveller

Compact camera

Everyone needs a camera to collect and save those memories. Good quality Cameras are normally big DSLR or bridge cameras, you'll see people walking around with a bag camera hanging round their neck. You can by compact cameras that are just as good. I personally have a Canon Powershot sx720, i carry it around in a tiny case that can fit in my pocket and takes up no room in my hand luggage. The compact cameras transform into similar size to a bridge or DSLR camera as soon as you turn them on, but are much more portable. Prices from £200


Micro fibre towel

This is a must, and any traveller worth there salt will appreciate this. A micro fibre towel is as it sounds, the fibres are smaller and tighter, it is quick drying and can fold up so much smaller than your standard towel so carrying around is no trouble. Perfect for the beach, hiking, hot yoga etc. Prices from £10



What would a traveller be without luggage?. Countless options of luggage, from 2 wheels, 4 wheels, ski bags, hand luggage, duffel bags, wheeled duffels. Personally use a wheeled duffel, i feel i can get much more into the bag and still has the wheels so its nice and easy to move around with. Prices can vary massively depending on the type of luggage


Camping hammock

Camping hammocks or perfect for that decent weather camping. On your travels, try camping to keep the prices down and what better way to camp that using a camping hammock and sleep among the stars. Find a couple of sturdy trees and make your bed. These hammock also double as a tent so you don't have to worry about rain. Prices start from £20


Power bank

No need to carry around your charger plug and plug adapter, you can get power banks that hold 10/15 and even up to 20 full charges in them. The power banks are getting smaller and smaller and are ideal for you travellers, an those on the move all the time. Never let your phone go flat again. Prices from £15


Travel pillow

A cheap and convenient gift for anyone, even if they aren't regular travellers. Anyone who has been on a flight will know the benefit of these, and like me most people forget to even think about a travel pillow, so this is a perfect practical gift. No more sore necks. Prices from £10


Camera strap

It seems like everyone is a photographer now , walking around with a camera around their neck. This makes a camera strap  a perfect gift that you can give to someone, they come in any colour, pattern and materials so you can customise the gift perfectly for anyone. Prices from £15


World map

A nice simple gift, everyone can appreciate a world map. This can come in many forms, an actual globe, a poster, a poster that you pin or colour in the locations that you have been to. Maps can come in any theme, colourful, old wolrd style. any style to suit any home. Prices start from £20 


Are you even a traveller without a rucksack? Get all your belongings into a rucksack for all occasions. A good quality back to carry your main belongings such as camera, phone, power bank, money etc, it is definitely worth having back that won't rip on you in the middle of a trip. I suggest a good quality walking or winter sports bag, this will be sturdy enough and have plenty of padding and protection. Prices from £40


if you're travelling in a group or on your own, headphones can be nice to pass the time while you're travelling, those long train journeys or flights don't have to be so boring. cheaper headphones are fine but i prefer bluetooth ones, so i don't have to worry about any wires. You can charge your headphones with any USB point. Prices from £35