Frugal travelling: travel hacks

Frugal travel hacks


Browsing for prices- When you're searching for the best prices, always delete you're cookies!! Websites have the uncanny ability to see what prices you've been shown and what websites you have visited, and this is done through cookies. You can also choose to search using a incognito or private window, simply click on file and select the relevant one.

Accommodation- Avoid hotels, choose to stay in hostels! Hostels are the cheapest form of accommodation, and provide that true backpacker experience. Meet plenty of like minded individuals and share experiences

Free classes- Plenty of hostels provide free classes or free entertainment. These might be yoga or something you've not really done before, but why not try it, you're out in the world looking for new experiences so jump in head first

Off the beaten track- Avoid the tourist hotspots, sure they can be great, but you can grab a bike or use your legs and explore and finding hidden gems. Take your camera and spend your time getting lost 

Don't be materialistic - Create memories to take home and share, don't spend anemone on souvenirs! take photos and create images to share with people, have experiences that have great stories behind them that you can share with people.

Planning- Plan ahead! as tempting as it sounds to wander from place to place and staying at whatever hostel you find can seem fun, the best prices are found on the internet and at least a few weeks before you're there. Plan to go away during off peak periods, so when the schools are in term time for example.

Shop around- Use websites such as skyscanner, kayak, or momondo to search for flights. using these along with deleting your cookies, will get you the best flights from the widest search. this can be applied to other aspects of your travels, look around for better prices or experiences to make the most of your time and money 

Travel light- just take hand luggage with you, backpacking in every sense. No paying for extra luggage and a nice easy check in. life on the road is just easier when all your stuff can be carried on your back instead of being dragged behind you

Ask people- ask other people about there travels, read other blogs, research on the internet, but never take one opinion of a place, speak to as many people as possible about what they did , where they went, what to avoid, what was good etc.

Locals-  learn some phrases and try to mingle with locals, eat the local food, see the local nightlife, try to dive straight into the culture of the local people. create richer experiences and memories

Be open minded- Be open to new places, new food, new culture, new way of living life. Yes it can be scary but go for it. Pick destinations that you may not have thought about visiting, do simple google searches like most underrated places in the world.

Travel at night- When you're flying or getting the train or bus to your next destination, travel at night, get your sleep on the move. this saves on accommodation prices and makes the most out of your time.

Walk - Stop taking taxis, buses, renting cars. Walk about, not only is this completely free, but you will always find some absolutely wonderful little places to eat, drink, places with art, great views, places you will pass on by when you're travelling faster

Eating out - If you're wanting to taste the food in nice restaurants then avoid the evening meals, go to the same establishments but for lunch, same food but for much cheaper.




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