Insta: My favourite travel pages

Jon Olsson - @jonolsson1

Jon is a Swedish free skier, youtube and traveler, with nearly 1 million followers Jon has created an account that inspires truly active traveller, from skiing in deep powder to cycling around paradise islands . Jon is a guy who lives life to the full. Jons other half is next on this list

Janni Deler - @jannid

Janni is a Swedish lifestyle and fashion blogger, who lives in Monaco but travels the world. She's the other half of Jon Olssen, and has 1.2 million followers. if you have and interest in travel and fashion then giver @jannid a follow

Paul Nicklen - @paulnicklen

Paul is the co-founder of Sea legacy and is a national geographic photographer. with 4.1 million followers, Paul has people flocking to his page to see pictures of wild animals in their own habitat, from diving with squid and sharks, to lion cubs playing. This is a must for you nature nerds

Alex Strohl - @alexstrohl

Alex is an american from Montana and is a really creative guy, who specialises in photography and film, on his page you can see truly amazing landscapes and short videos that give a good insight into the wonders of the world. Alex has 1.9 million people enjoying his content

Lonely planet - @lonelyplanet

Im sure most of you have heard of Lonely plant, and if you don't already, give them a follow. They feature images and videos from all across instagram, featuring a wide range of images from different accounts, wildlife, landscapes, people, architecture. A pure escapism page for you to enjoy

Finn Beales- @finn

Finn is a British photographer and director who is based in wales. For content that specialises in the British countryside it really helps you realise what a beautiful country we live in, and ensures we don't take it for granted. With an ever-growing following of 590,000 this is a must for those close to home travels

Max Muench - @muenchmax

Max is a photographer from Berlin, his content is truly inspiring, really capturing the seasons and depth of image in his pictures. I believe his picture are the best that I've come across on insta, and is a must for any aspiring photographer 

Powder Magazine - @powdermagazine

This page is for you skiers and boarders who love that deep powder. pics from around the world, following the powder, images fro photographers, pro skiers or boarders, and inspiration for that next winter holiday

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