Venice is one of those Bucket list cities, and now i can tick it off. Ive always seen those pictures of Venice and new i would go there one day.


Venice is an old city, a city just off the mainland in what is technically a few islands. the transport is gondolas, water ferry and larger ferries. So Venice is a place that is aesthetically, so very different to anywhere i’ve ever been. During my time there the weather was perfect sunshine and 24 degrees, much better than i was expecting for early October. Late September to early October might well just be the perfect time to visit Venice, you still get the good weather but not the overly busy crowds of the summer.

Venice had two large main islands and a couple of island just across the water. Every where you turn in Venice is a canal or restaurant or building that will have you grabbing you camera.



I stayed in a lovely little hotel, called Hotel Iris. The hotel was right in the centre of Venice, perfect location for all the main sights. When i arrived at the hotel the guy at the reception offered me a room with a private bathroom for no extra charge, i had originally booked a room with shared bathroom to keep the prices down.

I booked the room on, as this was the best price and quality mix i could find. It was £50 a night, and i was there for just the 2 nights so didn’t work out expensive.



Before i found the flights to Venice, i was searching on Skyscanner and Momondo for cheap flights in October. I found flights to Venice from Stanstead for £32, not bad. The flights were to Treviso which is a 30 minute bus ride to Venice itself, the cheaper airlines fly to here, and the larger more expensive airlines fly to Venice Marco Polo airport. The bus to and from Treviso into Venice cost €12 each way or €22 return. After this you can either take a small ferry from the bus stop, and round into the main area, or you can walk from the bus stop into The same area for free and it’ll take 20 mins longer, but you get to see more of Venice than you would normally do. When in Venice you can walk everywhere, but when it is busy the foot traffic builds up on the 2 bridges that cross the main canal, so make use of the ferries along this canal, which are just a couple of euros each trip.

Food and drink


I found the food to be surprisingly cheap, you can get large slices of pizza for just a few euros, and there are plenty of cafes and supermarkets for cheap lunch or breakfast. Meals out are similar to back in England, anywhere between €10/€20 for a main course and drinks.


Things to do

Piazza San Marco

Probably the main tourist location in Venice, it is the main square in Venice, and also the best sport to catch the sunrise and beat the foot traffic. In the square there are restaurants and shops, and you’ll see people offering bird feed so you can have pidgins on your arm, wasn’t for me.

st marco basillica

A wonderful and impressive structure, this is the most famous church in Venice, it is in piazza San Marco and you can take a guided tour round here, and even go up to the balcony and have a view overlooking the square

Grande canal

The grande canal is the equivalent of the main strip or road in Venice.One end of the canal leads into the lagoon near the Santa Lucia railway station and the other end leads into the basin at San Marcodoges palace. The banks of the Grand Canal are lined with more than 170 buildings, most of which date from the 13th to the 18th centuries. The main ferries go along the Grande canal and are a cheap way to quickly get to round Venice due to there being only 2 main Bridges that cross the Grande canal


Doge’s palace

Once the home to the ruler of Venice, it is now a museum. The building is very striking, and has impressive architecture. the palace is just off of Piazza San Marco and faces the Grande canal. Get here early to avoid any crowds.

Rialto Bridge

You’ve probably seen the pictures of the Instagram girls or couples infant of this bridge. It really is better in person, and the views from it along the grande canal are amazing. It is definitely the busiest place in venice due to its size and being 1 of two ways of crossing the canal. Its a must though

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