When you’re looking for sum of that autumn sun, last chance to get a tan before winter, and having to go round the world for it. Get yourself to Antalya, on the southern coast of Turkey.


in Antalya, there are a few options for accommodation, you can stay in a resort hotel on the beach, or you can stay in an authentic Turkish hotels in the old town of keleici. As it happens i stayed in the old town, in a wonderful boutique hotel called Alp Pasa. go back and read the review of this wonderful hotel in My frugal travels.



The flights to Antalya came to £65 return, which is perfect for some winter sun. the flights where from manchester to Antalya. The parking was super cheap at the airport, i found a park and ride for £30. When i landed in Antalya, i got the local bus into Antalya city for the equivalent of £2 and then i got a taxi back to the airport on the last day for the equivalent of £10.

getting around Antalya is super cheap, there are plenty of busses going to all the attractions, and going up and down the main road to the two public beaches that are either side of the old town.



In Antalya there is a huge amount of restaurants, plenty of tiny, hidden away places. Places with views of the sea and mountains. You will to find it hard to find a lovely spot to eat infant of an amazing view. Generally the meals are fairly cheap, you can get and starter, main and drinks for about £10 each, and obviously spend more if you want.

My favourite restaurant was, the Villa Perla hotel restaurant, which happened to be next to the hotel. It was cosy, authentic, had a couple of open fires and live bands .

For some drinks, there are a few bars just on the edge of the old town, with plenty of music and fairly lively atmosphere.



From the beach you can see the Taurus mountains, and it is within a couple hours travel, so a really good day out, get away from the heat by exploring the mountains. for all the excursions there are plenty of tours you can jump on, no need to book before you fly, just book the day before you want to go.


Duden waterfalls

These are the main waterfalls in Antalya, a half day trip, about 30km will take you to the first part of them. a really nice waterfall in the forests, but then you can follow it down stream. and my favourite part of the falls are when they meet the sea. the water crashes over the cliff top and into the sea, and there are some wonderful viewing areas. If you wanted to save money then just go to the waterfalls on the coast, as this is free and is more impressive.



There are two main beaches in Antalya, first off there is Antalya beach, this is a pebble beach and is closer to the main town. Antalya beach has the most amazing views of sea, beach and mountains.

second is the sandy, Lara beach. this beach is just the other side of the duden waterfalls and has a few of the resort hotels on it, so not all the beach is open to the public.


My favourite part of Antalya. the old town is super pretty and old, wonderful winding streets, that you can get lost in. Check out the bazaars and go down to the old marina and take a boat trip. Some of the architecture is truly stunning.


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