Ive always wanted to visit the Scandinavian countries, but always seemed to be put off with the rumour of them being so expensive. But i thought if i could find some cheap flights and accommodation then why not see for myself. 

After a bit of research and looking at possible destinations, i decided to combine Copenhagen of Denmark, and Malmo of Sweden. These two cities are closely connected by the brilliant Oresund Bridge, making travel between the two quick and easy.

Copenhagen is the capitol of Denmark, and it sits on the islands of the mainland. Copenhagen has a long and rich history, stretching back to the 10th century Viking era. There is a mix of old and new in Copenhagen, with a very trendy culture and very hipster style.

Copenhagen is a relatively small city compared to other European capitals, and isn't too bust or too fast paced, so has a nice relaxed atmosphere. This combined with the desire to be the worlds first carbon neutral city, makes the feel of Copenhagen and Denmark in general very progressive


After some looking through different websites, i found some £50 return flights form luton airport on Once we got into Copenhagen, the train into the city centre was only a few quid and and about 15mins so nice and easy. Getting back to Copenhagen airport was just as easy from Malmo. as the second leg of the trip was Malmo, we had to get a train from Malmo to Copenhagen airport and this only took 20 mins and was about £10.

Getting around Copenhagen we just walked everywhere, if you plan your routes of what you want to see, you won't be walking that large of a distance. Another alternative is by bicycle, very similar to other European cites such as amsterdam, Copenhagen is very bike based, and seems to be the choice of the locals.



The accommodation was a nice private room in a hostel in the centre of the city. The room was basic but was clean and tidy and comfortable enough. The hostel had wifi and a nice reception and offered breakfast for about £5.

For £30 per night, this was plenty for a couple of lads exploring Copenhagen 

Food and drink

The rumours of Copenhagen being expensive are true when it comes to alcoholic drinks, the first pint we got along the nyhavn street was about £10, yes £10! so for the rest of the trip we didn't indulge much in the beer. 

The street food was nice and has a very Germanic feel to it, similar to the rest of Copenhagen, The restaurants were nice and wide ranging and average about £10-£15 for a main course, so not to different to the UK

Must see/do


Nyhavn is that famous canal side with the multi coloured buildings with the large boats moored up. Well worth a look around, it is by far the prettiest street I've ever seen, and when the sun is out the views are amazing. 


Boat tour

We got the the last tour of the day, which was at 7.30pm as we thought the sun setting would provide some great sights. The tour was about an hour long and we picked it up from the middle of Nyhavn, and cruised around the coastline and canals of Copenhagen, seeing sights like  the famous little mermaid sculpture, all of Nyhavn, the Opera house, and the wonderful buildings of this old city.


Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli is a theme park in the centre of Copenhagen, but it is much more than a theme park, wonderful gardens and themed buildings, concerts, plays, all sorts of entertainment. You Could spend all day in here, with plenty of food and rest areas along with the wonderful sights. £15 for access all days well worth it, although try to avoid the weekends.


Castles and Palaces

Copenhagen is a vast array of old Castles and also has the royal palaces. These buildings a free to walk around the grounds, and a small fee to walk about inside. Some of the most picturesque buildings in Europe.