Malmo was the second part of my Scandinavian trip. Malmo is in Sweden, and is connected to the Danish city of Copenhagen via the famous Oresund Bridge. 

Malmo is a laid back city, it seems to have a young population, lots of young families and young professionals. This is reflected in the eco friendly buildings and cars all over. A big switch from the shipping and industrial city it used to be.

Malmo has an old harbour, large country parks, a great beach for the summer and lovely old squares in the city centre.


To get to Malmo we hopped on the train from Copenhagen airport. The train was less than £10 and took about 20 minutes. At the last stop before we got into Malmo, police came onto the train and checked our passports and then we carried on into Malmo.

On our way home, our flights were from Copenhagen, so we simply go the train back over the Oresund Bridge into Copenhagen airport. We chose to get return flights from Copenhagen partly due to the flights being cheaper than a single into Copenhagen and a single back from Malmo, and the 20 min train from Malmo back to Copenhagen airport being quicker than getting to Malmo airport.


We book our Hostel through, the cost was £25 per night and was a private room with two single beds and a private bathroom. The hostel was a quick 5 minute walk from the train stations and 5 minute walk from the city centre

Food and drink

Luckily, while we were in Malmo, there was an international food market, so most of our food was bought here,  but there are plenty of restaurants around that a not too expensive. Plenty of pubs to eat in and the fresh food in the supermarkets is really nice.

Must see/do

Turning Torso

This tall sky scraper right on the shore front in Malmo is a truly striking building, and can be seen for miles around, well worth a visit! Around the Turning Torso there is a small marina, an area of cafes and bars, a nice residential area, perfect for young families. To the other side of the building, there is a large park that goes from the marina and round to a nice beach, from which you can see the Turning torso, and even the Oresund bridge.


Malmo Castle

Malmo castle is set in the middle of a leafy park and contains a museum now, you can walk around the moat and through the front gates into the Nordic building. Also in this park there are large gardens where designers have created different styles, similar to the chelsea flower show. You will also see an old windmill in the park which looked really pretty in the spring sun.





Old town

Head into the old town of Malmo, wonderful old and colourful buildings amongst the shops and cafes of Malmo. Malmo is a relaxed city so take your time and explore .


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