tips for your first ski Holiday

So its coming up to your first ski holiday, you're excited and nervous, and don't know what to expect. Well below are the essential tips so you'll be prepared for anything

-Dress for the occasion

You don't have to spend hundreds on North face jackets and Pants, cheaper options are available. Make sure when you are picking a jacket and Pants are of decent quality and shower proof. Don't pick those that are too thick, make up your warmth through a few thin layers, this makes you more adaptable to temperature.

Other items to get:

Helmets, goggles, gloves neck warmers, thick socks, thermal layers

-Pick a beginner friendly resort

Research where you are going to, some ski resorts are not particularly great for beginners, generally speaking, most resorts will have a couple of low level runs, but pick a resort that has a few more, allowing you to explore and enjoy the scenery more while not pushing yourself too much .

-Watch the forecast

Keep an eye on the forecast, this will let you know what kind of clothing to pack, it can be much warmer than you would think, but also a lot colder.

The sight of snow on a forecast always builds excitement for good snow conditions, good to get in the mood for your trip.

-Try before you buy

Before your holiday, go to one of the many indoor ski centres and have a taster lesson, give an hour for snow boarding and an hour for skiing. You might be surprised which one you click with. Lessons in a ski resort take up a lot of time and can be pricey, so before you stump up the money, make sure you actually get on with it first.


depending on the size of the group you are going with, there is an array of accommodation choices. If you're in a big group, on elf the best options is to get a catered chalet or villa, someone cooking your breakfast and evening dinner, who also has a bit of knowledge of the ski area, and may even spend the day with you, showing you around. The cheapest is a self catered apartment, maybe for those more into being out all the time and experiencing a ski resort to its full 

Look for accommodation that has drying rooms and ski lockers, you don't really want snow covered skis, boots, snowboards in your rooms.

-What gear do you need



Sun glasses

Snowboard,Ski, boots, poles (you'll be hiring these most likely)

Sun glasses(seriously important for when you're having a break)

jacket and pants


-Travel insurance

When you're sorting you're travel insurance, remember to include winter sports. It is a physical activity and there are risks, so for the sake of maybe £5 don't leave your self panicking if you hurt yourself 

-Fitness levels

People often worry about this, or go into a fitness overdrive in the build up to their trip. As long as you have a generally decent level of fitness you'll be fine, if you can manage a short jog, or do some bodyweight exercises you'll be fine. Learning a new skill is difficult. frustrating but it is rewarding, so you might find you get mentally exhausted. Trust what you've been told, be confident  and don't waste all your energy in panicking and worrying

-Don't forget to pack these

Vaseline or anything else to stop chapped lips

sun lotion and aftersun

sun glasses

trainer/shoes with enough grip to walk about in the evening

camera, to capture those epic views




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