Travel and Technology

Below is a list of gadgets and tech items that will help make your life easier on your travels.

- Portable charging banks

Gone are the days of working about finding a socket and having adapters and loads of different plugs etc. nearly all gadgets come with cables that have a usb end to charge with. This has saved room taking all your different cables with plugs on in your luggage, but with the ever improving portable charging banks you don't even need to use any mains supply while you're away.

Portable chargers, can come with the capacity of 10/15/20 charges and can fit into your pocket, so no panic when phone battery turns yellow.


Tablets are a much smaller and convenient alternate to a laptop and hundreds of books. you can get your blogging and internet work done on your tablet and fr when you lounging in the sun you can catch up on your reading. Charge it with your power bank and keep reading


It seems everyone has a smartphone now, that little piece of technology that is your camera, bank, book, passport, etc all in the size of the palm of your hand. The market seems to be shared between Apple and Samsung and with either of these you will have a quality item.

for use in Europe , you will not get charged any extra. But going further afield you might want to check your provider to see if you can use it abroad. If not simply buy a cheap sim card to slip into your phone while you're away. It'll save you constantly searching for wifi.


Portable Speakers come an a variety of shapes and sizes and definitely prices. For those of you who are travelling light you can go for a cheap, small speaker that will either connect via bluetooth or with a cable to your phone, another option is to have a bag that has built in speakers, so you're always ready to go. 

-Water purifier

Water purifiers can come built into a water bottle, so you can fill up in the tap, but if you want a purifier that'll save room and is more effective, you can by small hand held purifiers that you simply drop into your glass of tap water and it uses ultra violet light to get rid of 99.9% of the bacteria. So no need to immediately stock up on bottled water wherever you go.



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