Cruising through Catalonia

Catalonia is much more than just Barcelona!!!

The Catalan area has a wonderful coastline with many small towns, old ports and castles. Set back from the coast line is the hills and forests, providing beauty all around you.

To the north of Catalonia you have the Pyrenees mountains and to the south you have the rising heat of Spain.

To make the most of the scenery, I decided to hire a car, stay in a small town about Half way down the Catalan coast, and explore.


When decidng where and when to fly to and from, i Had the choices from numerous Airports in the UK, and The two main airports in Catalonia, which are Barcelona and Girona. 

The flights i chose, where East midlands to Barcelona and back. These flights cost £50, and i just took hand luggage. 

As i had planned to drive around Catalonia, i had to rent a car. After looking online, the best deal i found was with Goldcar rentals. To hire a ford focus i paid £30 plus £30 to be fully insured so i didn't have to put a huge deposit down.

As i arrived in Barcelona airport, i had to wait for 30 minutes at the Goldcar desk, as the didn't have any automatics ready to go, but luckily for me, the women behind the desk felt bad for me having to wait so gave me the keys to a mercedes A class. I wasn't going to argue with that.

for 3 days it cost me about £30 in fuel, and that was more than my moneys worth



I Stayed in the hotel Gran Gabi mar, in the town of Lloret Del Mar, and i booked the hotel through The hotel cost me £80 for 3 nights, and this included access to the pool, a parking space and half board. The hotel was nice and clean and good enough for me, its was only a 5 min walk to the main street with bars and restaurants on, and 5 mins down to the lovely beach of Lloret Del Mar.

Lloret Del Mar is about 1 hour from Barcelona and 40 mins from Girona, and half way down the Catalan Coastline. The perfect Location to see Catalonia

Places i Visited

Tosse De Mar

Tosse de mar, was the prettiest of all the places i visited. This small town has Cobbled, tight streets, leading down to a long sandy beach in a natural cove. To the right of the cove is a large castle, still in tact and the old town is built into the castle. 

You can walk along the beach and up the castle to get some great views, then walk down through the old town where you can eat at a few of the very nice restaurants.


Lloret De Mar

The busiest and liveliest of the small Towns in-between Girona and Barcelona. Lloret de mar has a nice beach lined with bars and restaurants, and on the streets up from the shore front you can find numerous nightclubs if you want more of the party life.

Lloret De Mar is surrounded by walks and places to explore with many forest and rocky areas, One must visit is the gardens of an estate that is set up on the cliff top to the right of the Lloret de mar beach.




Girona is the main city to the north of Catalonia, it is just over an hour north of Barcelona and 30 mins from the coast.

You'll find old sand coloured buildings and winding pathways, and if you've ever watched game of thrones, you might recognise kings landing, as some of the scene were filmed here. A proud Catalan city, you'll see the Catalan flag all over the place, and in particular at the moment with the tensions between the Spanish and Catalan governments. 

Girona can be done in a day as its not too big, but is absolutely a must.




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