Superhuman games 2018


Super human games is a sporting event that comprises of 5 workouts throughout the day. It is run every year and they are now doing winter events as well. I knew a few people who have done this event before, so decided to give it a go.

The event is held on a Saturday, and as it is a 3 hour drive away we decided to make a weekend of it and stayed just over the border in Wales. 

day by day

Friday- we met up at a local coffee shop, and then once we had fit everyone and their bags into the cars we set off. The drive to Abergeveny took about 2.5 hours and we got there just after 4pm. We had dinner booked at a local pub at 7.30pm so until then we just chilled out, playing ball games or in the hot tubs. After we got back from the pub, we relaxed for a bit and then had an early night, ready for a big day Saturday 

Saturday- Up early at 6.30am, to have enough time to wake up, have breakfast, and drive over to Bristol to the superhuman games. When we arrived, we spent a few minutes setting up a mini base for all our stuff and to meet up after each event, I did forget to bring the cover for the gazebo, so a base camp was bags around a few metal poles. We registered for the day, got our numbers, and went to our first event. 

Event 1 - this was a WOD, 30 hand release press ups, 50 thrusters with 40KG, 50 deadlifts with 70KG and then 70 sit ups. We had to do this as many times as possible in 20 mins

Event 2- a weighted run, with 20kg in rucksacks. we had to run as far as possible in 20 mins

Event 3 - assault course. a course with loads of obstacles to overcome, and get round as many times as possible in 20 mins

Event 4 - we had to do synchronised  lunge and overhead press with a 60KG log for 30 meters, and then carry a 50KG keg for the same distance. Do this as many times as possible in 20 minutes

Event 5 - a WOD. synchronised burpee lunges for 30 meters and then 50 kettle bell swings with 24KG, as many times in 20 mins

At the end of the day we waited around, to see the final positions. My team finished 24th, which was much better than i thought would happen.

Back at Severn hills after a long day. the BBQ got fired up and plenty of booze was getting drunk, good weather , good food and good friends.

Sunday - Sunday was just a day to chill out and head home when suited. first thing i did was stumble across to the hot tub and lay in there so my muscles would relax a bit, i don't think many people weren't in pain. After a bit of lounging around and eating left overs, we headed home about 1pm


We decided to stay away from Bristol, so we found somewhere just over the welsh border. Just outside the town of Abergaveny, there is a wonderful clamping spot called Severn Hills Hideaway.

Severn Hills comprises of 3 large safari tents, each with a hot tub and bbq area. Due to the amount of us going to the superhuman games, we booked all 3 tents and this made it cheaper to pay individually .

Severn Hills have plenty of room for summer games, and for chilling out. be careful with kids and pets, if you're taking them, as they let a few sheep and Alpacas out to roam during the day. 


We all met up at a coffee shop on the friday, and jumped into a few cars, minimising the number of cars going down,

Share the cost of fuel and its a tiny cost. Fuel costs came to just under £40 and then £5 for toll charges

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