As its summer, and everyone is looking at holidays, flights are getting pricier. I decided to make the most out of this and the heatwave we have been having, and find some hidden gems in the uk. 

As i made the decision to have a trip inside the UK, this meant i could take the dog (Paris) with me, so a win win. After a bit of research, I found a small town called Barmouth on the west coast of wales, just south of the Snowdonia national park.

Barmouth is a lovely coastal town, sat on the corner of the sea and the estuary going in land.




To get to badmouth, i simply put the dog in the boot, and jumped in the car. The drive was about 3 hours there and 4 on the way back due to a crash. The first part of the drive is just motorways  and main roads, but as soon as i crossed the border into Wales, the roads became windy and narrower, and really beautiful, driving through the hills and then by the coast really was enjoyable.


I was looking on AirBnB for a while, until i managed to stumble across a lovely little clamping site, the site had two yurts in an enclosed area with toilets and showers, and it also had a few static caravans.

The site was built just up from the estuary on the hillside and had the most amazing views. I drove past the entrance at first because there are no sign posts, but i eventually found me way there. The yurts have a fire pit, and wood fire so you can have a BBQ, and inside the yurts is a double bed a small table and candles laid out, very nice

The site is run by two brothers, and the atmosphere is very friendly and they're happy to give advice on where to go and places to eat etc. I was even given a nice bottle of white wine as a thank you for staying two nights.



Places to visit

Blue lake

Secret lake in the hills, an old mine that has been abandoned for many years. The lake is the other side of the estuary for Barmouth, and requires a good 30 minute steep walk up to the lake. Well worth the views, and the clear cool water.




The estuary comes in off the sea and twice a day will be a massage sandy area, so get out and enjoy this as the tide is going out so you don't end up getting trapped. I took the dog down to the estuary at first light as the tide was out, and it was about 200 meters away.




Barmouth is a lovely seaside town, long beaches, seafood restaurants, pubs, waterspouts activities, dog friendly beaches. You can spend a full day wandering about.



Snowdonia national park  

Home to the second highest mountain in the Uk, take a hike up Snowdonia or enjoy the wonderful Welsh countryside.

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