Pine Spring hotel

During my stay in Gulmarg I stayed at the perfectly located Pine Spring Hotel

I found this hotel on There aren’t too many hotels in Gulmarg that are your typical ski in ski out hotels, but pine spring is the cheapest of these. for other options there are some hotels that will require a short walk.

 The Pine Spring hotel Is a large wooden structure with an array of room sizes and options. We had a twin bedroom with a large bathroom, its was on the first floor, and next to the room was a Wonderfull balcony.

The wifi is decent enough, you just need to go to the reception each day and get a passcode 

the customer service is brilliant, always willing to help and assist. the reception ate super helpful and they speak numerous languages so communication isn't a problem. When I checked in I was even escorted to my room by one of the staff, who insisted on carrying ours bags for us. This was bettered, when we checked out, they ordered us a pre paid taxi and carried our bags down to the taxi for us. 

The location of the hotel was just slightly up hill of the gondola, and in the middle of Gulmarg. This is the best place to walk around as well.

The food options at the hotel are in the restaurant and food service, both are great and super cheap.

cost per night = £15 pp

yes that's right! £15 a night, mainly due to skiing in Kashmir not being too well known .

I couldn’t of wished for a more perfect location to stay while I was in Gulmarg, check out the picture below

I Highly recommend the Pine spring hotel.

Jon-Peter HoltComment