Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of those world famous cities that you just have to visit at some point. Known for the landmarks, famous beaches and favelas and carnival. I went in early may, so this meant that I still had 30 degrees most days, but not the scorching heat of the Brazilian summer in February march. It also meant the prices came down.


I Stayed at the wonderful Royal Rio palace hotel, which was near the famous Copacabana beach. the hotel had a roof top pool and bar, with nice views over Rio, for a more detailed review of this hotel, see my previous post.



The first cost is the airport parking, as I booked this early I managed to get meet and great parking right outside the entrance to the airpot for £40, the same price as every other parking at the time of booking.

The flights were with Norwegian air, they have set up a new rout to Rio from Gatwick. They have given the option to de select in flight meals and extra baggage , which would bring the price down to £310 return. This meant I took some sandwiches and water onto the flight which I bought before hand, and then I had a small back pack and the usual hand luggage sized case, more than enough to carry my drone, go pro, and clothes for a week.

Getting around and about in Rio was super cheap, Uber is ridiculously cheap out there and also the safer way to travel, especially at night. Up and down the beaches or round Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana , you can walk or hire the electric scooters that are in more and more big cities now.

Food and drink

Another cheap thing about Rio is the food. £5/6 will get you a meal most places, and just like anywhere you can find luxury places to spend a lot more. The food was nice, plenty of street food kebabs, and the açai that they sell is a must.

The drinks are about average prices, maybe a little cheaper than in the uk. but you have to try the Brazilian speciality caipirinha. Just watch how much the poor into it, and don’t have too many.

Things to do

Christ the redeemer

One of the 7 modern wonders of the world, and one of the most famous statues ever, you have to visit here when you come to Rio. You can see it from almost anywhere in Rio. To get there you can hike up the mountain or take a small train up to it, id advise paying the £10 for the early train at 8am and beat the crowds.


Sugar loaf mountain

this is a huge rock coming out of the sea, and to access it you need to take a two stage cable car. Just like the Christ, sugar loaf has one of the best views in Rio, one side you can see Copacabana beach and to the other side you can see downtown Rio and Botofogo.


Selaron steps

In between The Lapa and Santa Teresa areas, you can find these wonderful and colourful steps. 215 steps with 2000 tiles from over 60 countries worldwide, this really is a piece of art. The artist is Jorge Selaron, and the images he has created are inspired from his life.


Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon

Although Copacabana is the beach everyone has heard of, it is just the first in a stretch of 3 beaches. Copacabana is the busier of the 3 and you’ll groups of girls and boys juggling footballs, drinking and volleyball, as you move up to Ipenama it gets more chilled and less busier and then Leblon is the wealthy area in Rio, also a lovely place to walk around when you’re tired of the beach.


Parque lage

now this is a park that is at the foot the the christ redeemer mountain. I was told to check this out by a local, I was told it was a park that had a few monkeys and a nice cafe. but my word it was a nice cafe, just take a look at the gallery for the images. unfortunate the monkeys were too quick for me to photograph.



There are a few favelas that you can walk around, but it is advisable to go with a tour group or at least a local that you trust. The safest is vidigal, this is near Leblon. Walk around the colourful tight streets, and enjoy the views as the favelas are built onto the hills overlooking the beaches.

Barra da Tijuca

A strips of beaches just outside of main Rio, quite beaches and loads of hikes up the mountains and find those epic views. There is also a platform that you can pay to hanglide from, the most amazing views.




accommodation - £245

airport parking - £40

spending money -£240

I highly advise going to Rio de Janeiro, do your research and have fun exploring this wonderful city

Jon-Peter HoltComment