Review: Ventura roof tent

Roof tents tent to be used in places such as Austria or America but 4x4 enthusiasts, stick it in the roof of their trucks and drive into those spot where normal vehicles can’t get to.

Roof tents are becoming more and more popular in the mainstream, providing the convenience of a camper van, but you still get the better quality driving of a car, and a much lower price. The Ventura folding roof tent is the cheapest on the market. A small company in England, they will deliver the £750 roof tent for £50 so a total of £800. If you look online these roof tents are prices from £1500 upwards to £4000, so £800 is a deal.

The Ventura roof tent has a solid base, sturdy frame and weighs about 55kg, so get a hand lifting on the roof. to unfold the tent you simply pull the ladder towards you and this is a lever so the tent follows with little effort. When the tent is fully unfolded, the frame holds the weight of itself, but before you get I to the tent, place the ladder underneath so it takes the weight slightly. this gives the extra strength for the unfolded side.

Inside the tent is a thick 3 inch mattress that has a waterproof cover, its slightly wider than a king size bed and a fair bit longer. the tent has 4 windows and come with metal struts to hold these open.

when you come to packing the tent away, simply make sure all the zips are done up, use the elastic straps inside the tent to keep the Insides in place. to fold the tent lift by the ladder and tent will naturally start folding, once its folded, slide the telescopic ladder in so its not hanging over the side, and then tighten the straps holding the folded tent in place.

The cover of the tent is fixed on one side of the tent and then is zipped round the other 3 sides, the cover is thick and heavy duty and really is high quality.

The Ventura roof tent is well worth purchasing, drive anywhere and set up camp absolutely anywhere

Jon-Peter HoltComment