Naples, or Napoli as its locally named is a super pretty city on the coast of Italy. It is most famous for being the home of the famous Pompeii and volcano mt Vesuvius. Naples is a city full of history and beauty



For my stay in Naples I used to find a nice BnB in the heart if the city. It cost £25 per night and that included breakfast. The room is large and clean, and was comfy enough. the location was good, right in the high street of Naples and a short walk to the sea.



The flights to Naples were £83 return from East Midlands airport. not a bad price for the summer holidays. As east mids is my local airport I got the bus to and from so was super cheap.

While in Naples I pretty much walked everywhere, a bus to Pompeii with was 15 euros return and then taxis to and from the airport where 20 euros each.

Food and drink

The food in Naples is soooo good. The pizza, the pasta, the gelato. there is so much good food to enjoy here. Loads of little family run, small restaurants to eat at and they prices aren’t too bad, average price for a pizza was 9 euros.

the best restaurant I came across were down by the sea, a great spot to watch the sunset as well.

enjoy your food and rink in the true Italian style, eat late and and take your time


Things to do


Im sure you’ve heard the story, or went through it at school. Pompeii is an ancient roman town on the edge of Naples, it was destroyed by the volcano that towers over Naples. You can walk round the massive ruins, you’ll need 3/4 hours at least for these and try to get there early so to avoid the crowds. Walk around the ruins, see the insides of some of the buildings, see the bodies and the pots etc.


Mt Vesuvius

Unfortunately do to high winds at the top of the volcano, it was closed for me. But it would be well worth a trip. I can only imagine what the views are like

boat hire

hire a rowing boat with an anchor, the perfect place for a bit of sunbathing or chilling, you can hire a larger bought if you fancied heading further down the coast.


Naples is full of Wonderful castles and buildings , walk around and explore all these, they really are pleasing on the eye

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